Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Training is Over and the Wait Begins

For in You the orphan finds mercy Hosea 14:3


Facts and Figures
    How many children are in foster care? Well, I've heard statistics from millions to hundreds and all I can tell you is what they told us in class. The greatest number of foster care children in Los Angeles is Mexican Americans whose numbers are double that of African Americans who are right below Mexican Americans in greatest number of children in the foster system. As of 2009 the statistic is 19,900 children in foster care in Los Angeles compared to 1997 with a high of 52,000 kids in the system. I got the stats from this article in the LA Times

The myth that I hear most people talk about is older kids. Older kids aren't wanted so there are a lot of them in the system. Actually infants are in the greatest need of housing because they are hard to take care of. A lot of foster/adopt parents are preferring school age children so that they can go to work during the day. It's funny as I've gone on this journey I've discovered that there really are a lot of lies that we believe and we are content to believe them without actually doing any research. I too believed that older children weren't getting adopted because of that reason but just like babies older children who have been in the foster system need love, attention, and support. Either way you look at it you're going to have to be willing to work. Children aren't a fashion accessory they are people. 

What has been very interesting through this journey is the ideas that people believe about the system. Really and truly there's a lot of good that comes out of foster care. I know that it's counter culture to say that but what the press doesn't tell you is all the happy ending stories that happen. There's a huge crucifixion of the foster system and how much it fails. How about speaking life over it? How about seeing it for what an amazing job everyone is doing. These people give their lives for children and most of them are overworked and underpaid. In my opinion they are doing the work that the church should be doing. God gave us the mandate to take care of the widow and orphan.

Thoughts and Journal Entries
November 2010

 This month was the worst and best month ever. If I can be honest I would have to say I've never been in so much fire then I am in now. Things at my volunteer job where not going well and things at my paid job weren't going well. Without over indulging I will say that at some point I was facing the possibility of being a single mom without a job. I got let go from my job and thank you Jesus after Thanksgiving got hired by someone else. Same pay but way better conditions for being a single mom. I could bring my baby to work and there will be no conflict. Though emotionally this month took a huge toll on me and many times I wish I was married to have someone to share the ups and downs with Jesus provider and husband came through again. The enemy really ran me through the ringer and I thought many times what am I doing this is really insane. I was told by well meaning people are you sure you actually want to do this? 

In the end I set my face like flint and did not go back on what I had promised the Lord. I will go after His heart. There's nothing that anyone can say at this point that will throw me off my track. I know that God is able to do more then I can ask, think or imagine and I'm imagining big. If everyone abandons me I will still go forward it doesn't matter. This month was a major transition but I came under a covering I never expected. It was as if my mother stepped in to cover me during this vulnerable time. Though my mother is in heaven right now I know that she's watching. I'm sure she's watching and knowing the ending of this story is cheering on. I keep having conversations in my head with my mother, she was the strongest most tenacious woman I knew. She fought with everything she had for something she believed in. Do I believe in this journey that much? Am I really ready to lay it all down for the unknown? All I can say is in the midst of the darkest part of this month when I thought I couldn't take it any more and I was about to explode with frustration God stepped in and made a way. 

My process continues paperwork, home study, and more paperwork. Little by little everything is coming together I thought after the classes it would be fast but it seems to be taking forever. It's ok though I need the time to process this month in full. I need the rest, I need to find the peace again. Many times I do feel pregnant with my emotions and my determination to get everything ready. I don't have time to cry I have to keep going I can cry when it's all over. Keep pressing towards the goal.

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