Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Month of Writing

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
James 1:27

Facts and Figures
In this blog I'm going to address the body of Christ because I believe that what James sates above is exactly what and who we are suppose to be.  I don't believe that it was ever God's intention that the government would take care of the orphan and the widow. I also truly believe that it's possible to no longer have orphans in the world. As someone who represents the Kingdom of God I believe with everything in me that we have to pursue this mandate. Whether you're able to adopt or able to support adoption there is an amazing blessing and revelation that come with going after the heart of God.
I think about the last part of this verse and I think about what corruption James is talking about. For me it wouldn't be the typical sin that makes the list in the Word. For me it would be selfishness. One of the greatest things I've had to battle in myself is selfishness and being comfortable. When I started this journey I didn't realize the sacrifices that I would have to make and while I'm completely happy to do so I realize that for me it would be easy to be corrupted by accepting the easier way. 
Laying down one's life for one another is not just a once in a lifetime move is a continual life style. It's everyday getting up and choosing to prefer someone else over yourself. I'm not talking about not having good boundaries but I am talking about having the mindset that you are going to think of that person, who you are laying down your life for, before making decisions. 
All that to say I believe that it's possible in one generation to have no more orphans. Whether in the US or the entire world if the body of Christ really took on this challenge and went for it I believe it would be possible. Get involved, find a family who is on the journey of adoption and serve them in anyway you can. Learn about it get educated and be encouraged. If I can as a single mother at 28 can take this journey I believe anyone can.    

Here's an organization in Colorado going after adoption!

 Thoughts and Journal Entries
February 2011
      The Lord told me at the beginning of this month that it was important that I focus on writing my children's manual. I had started a supernatural children's curriculum for ages 3-5 two years ago. Because of time and money I wasn't able to work on it but at the beginning of this month my boss took her daughter to Germany for the whole month. She paid me for the month and so I tutored her daughter over Skype and I had tons of free time so I started writing. I just finished 250 pages of curriculum a whole years worth and it's done. I know as soon as I get a child it will be a while before I'm able to write again. I finished my soaking manual it's now in editing stage and now finished my children's curriculum so I've done what I feel I needed to do to get positioned for having a little one.

I met with the matcher and she told me that what I was looking for, an infant Hispanic baby girl was very common and most likely I would be matched soon. My stomach is in knots every time the phone rings thinking it's the agency calling me for my match. I did get a call for placement it was a 9 month baby boy. I didn't realize the gut wrenching reaction I would have to saying no. The Lord told me as I was talking to the lady that this was not the child for me. They usually only give you 15 mins to decide anyway, it only took me 5 seconds I knew he wasn't my baby. Even so I went into my car and started sobbing. I've never turned down a child in need before. I would take every orphan in the world if I could.

Having this month off from work was great it helped me rest, finish writing, and time for me to take a breath. I'm so nervous and jumpy. I feel like I did having a first date with a boy I liked. It's not like this baby is inside of me for 9 months and I have a sense for who they are and I can pray and talk to them before I see them. This is different, I have to be mom all of a sudden to a baby I know nothing about. Jesus give me grace!

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