Hi there!
  Thank you for reading my blog and coming and the journey with me and my daughter. This blog is really a social experiment to see truly if creativity can support social justice in one family, mine. I'm a single mother who has many creative and random talents and I'm on the journey of adopting my foster daughter. I'm passionate about adoption and seeing every child being in a good home where they are loved and are given a chance to dream.
   I believe in being a stay at home mother and raising my child myself so I'm getting creative with finances by writing, painting, and doing jobs where being a stay at home mother is possible. So far so good, I'm writing about our journey through the foster care system because I want to encourage others who may want to take this journey but who don't know how, to get informed and get started! Come and follow us on this amazing journey through the hard times and the awesome times.

many blessings!

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